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Data Download

This page provides comma separated value (CSV) downloads of contribution, loan, and expenditure data for each reporting year in a zipped file format. These files can be downloaded and imported into other applications (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc.)

This data is extracted from the state of Oklahoma database as it existed as of  4/4/2020  12:00 AM

Download data

Data TypeYearDownload
Contributions and Loans 2020 Download File
Committee Expenditures 2020 Download File
Lobbyist Expenditures 2020 Download File
Contributions and Loans 2019 Download File
Committee Expenditures 2019 Download File
Lobbyist Expenditures 2019 Download File
Contributions and Loans 2018 Download File
Committee Expenditures 2018 Download File
Lobbyist Expenditures 2018 Download File
Contributions and Loans 2017 Download File
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