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Non-Oklahoma PAC Contributions and Expenditures Report

Political action committees registered in another state will report their Oklahoma activity using this reporting process. Committees registered and reporting with the FEC do not file with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission.

NOTE that a political action committee registered in another state that will make contributions to Oklahoma candidates, independent expenditures or electioneering communications is required to file written proof of its registration with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission before making contributions to a candidate (or candidates) for state office.

Reporting requirements:

Non Oklahoma PACs are required to file reports during the filing period that covers the dates of Oklahoma activity. Generally, the reporting periods are quarterly through a calendar year with the exception of independent expenditure or electioneering communication activity which will require a report to be filed using the pre-election reporting schedule.

For IE/EC expenditures made more than 15 days prior to an election, a report is due no earlier than fourteen (14) days prior to the election and no later than eight (8) days before an election.

For IE/EC expenditures made within the last 14 days of an election, a report is due no later than the business day following the day the expenditure is made.

For specific dates, please view the reporting calendars at www.ok.gov/ethics.

To file a Contributions and Expenditures Report for Non-Oklahoma Committees, the system needs to verify the filer is not a computer. Complete the section below and click on "Continue" to access the reporting page.

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