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Independent Expenditures, Electioneering Communications, and State Question Communications Report

Only filers not registered or required to register with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission will report their Independent Expenditures, Electioneering Communications, or State Question Communications [IE/EC/SQC] using this public reporting process.

Committees registered in The Guardian System must file IE/EC/SQC reports by logging into the committee account and filing the report. Committees that need to register to use The Guardian System should use the "Registration" tab to register the committee, receive login credentials and then file their report.

Oklahoma Ethics Rules require any person, other than an individual, that makes an independent expenditure, electioneering communication, or state question communication of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) or more in the aggregate at least fifteen (15) days prior to any election to file a report with the Commission at the same time that candidate committees are required to file pre-election reports for the applicable election. Failure to timely file an IE/EC/SQC report is a violation of the Oklahoma Ethics Rules and may result in fees and/or court action.

Reporting Dates:

For IE/EC/SQC expenditures made more than 15 days prior to an election, a report is due no earlier than fourteen (14) days prior to the election and no later than eight (8) days before an election.

For IE/EC/SQC expenditures made within the last 14 days of an election, a report is due no later than the business day following the day the expenditure is made.

For specific dates, please view the reporting calendars at www.ok.gov/ethics.

To file an IE/EC/SQC report the system needs to verify the filer is not a computer. Complete the section below and click on "Continue" to access the reporting page.

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